About Us

Grab interest

It all began with bringing the real café experience to the city where the café culture is in trend. With an aim to provide people a space that goes beyond food and atmosphere, we changed our setting.

Generate excitement

MOCACABANA™ – Café caters the need of the uptown youth. We have created it just for you with passion. 

It is creative freedom that you can discover at our café. DISCOVER yourself, start a conversation, scribble/doodle, read a book, play games, music or just hangout. Remember the nostalgia of the café.

Seat Back and Relax

We believe to serve every single customer, who doesn't need to compromise on their own choices. It's a fun & engaging Cafe serving wide varieties in a Pleasing way to our Customers.

our story

Mr. Kaushik Patel, a young and visionary entrepreneur, has founded concept of young gratification cafe called MOCACABANA™. He was affianced with fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. Idea of Café came in 2010 and took over years to convert it to reality. The brand was introduced in 2016. With strong roots and blend of the belief and passion over a decade, MOCACABANA™ has now flourished into the supreme purveyors of CAFÉ, bringing a taste of nostalgia in modern settings.